• Jul 12, 2017
  • by Andy Baker

Hey there! we hope you are as excited as we are to learn about CrateSpot's favorite Top 10 products for Summer 2017. Starting it off, without further ado..Number 10..



Camping Multi Tool for Outdoors

#10. The Credit Card-Sized Multi Tool is a great addition to any camper or hikers back pocket. Always have it on hand since it can fit in your wallet. Need a wrench? Just swipe the tool out of your wallet, like credit card! The pocket firendly multi tool starts off CrateSpot's list at number 10 things you want this Summer.


Scuba Snorkel Mask for GoPro Camera

#9. The Full Face Snorkel Mask for Scuba or Diving with Camera Mount for GoPro Camera is the most excellent thing you could possibly own for your Summer vacation. No more struggling with mask flooding, capture your memories mentally AND digitally.


Mini Air Conditioner Fan

#8. May sound silly, but once you own it, you won't mock it. The Mini Portable Air Conditioner is the Summer 2017 item we all wish we had 5 years ago. It is powered by a wet sponge, so you still need water around you, but let's face it, if you don't have that you will die of dehydration before the heat gets you!

Wedding Gift Champagne Balloons

#7. It's Wedding Season! Summer is CrateSpot's employee's favorite time to drink, so we assume it's yours too! Nothing is a better celebration prop than two giant Inflatable Champagne Balloons. Enough said.

Black Head Blemish Remover Skin Clear

#6. It's not all fun and games in the Summer heat. CrateSpot wants to make sure you have the essentials to maintaining a clear skin complexion. The Blackhead Removal Mask does more than that, it keeps your skin clean and silky soft.


Programmable USB LED Message Fan

#5. Is for the nerds, er computer savvy users, just kidding! The DIY Programmable Fan makes it easy to spell out message on your fan, so anyone can use it. The item is a must if you follow the live stream crowd.

Better Sleep Cooling Pad Pillow Insert

#4. Of course, the Summer brings the night heat that can't be beat. But wait, the Cooling Pad Pillow Insert can not only function as a regular cooling pad for athletics and injuries, but as an excellent pillow insert that will help you get that good night sleep during those restless nights.

8bitdo Snes Bluetooth Controller for Smartphone iPhone Gaming

#3. The 8bitdo NES30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller for gaming on your smartphone is straight plain awesome. If you taking gaming even semi-seriously, you should check out this controller for it's great functionality, battery life, and retro nostalgic design. To some of us, the Summer was made for staying indoors and gaming out, so this bluetooth gamepad is CrateSpot's pick for number 3.

Iphone Camera Case Analog Photography

#2. The long-awaited and majestic iPhone case. You likely clicked into this list because you thought this phone case looked cool, and your weren't wrong. The detail in this Analog Camera Phone Case will befuddle the camera enthusiast and casual photography student alike.

Portable Bluetooth Bike Speaker Flashlight Phone

#1. That's right, number one is a surprise for our new readers, but not for our long-term customers. The Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker is outright awesome! Included with a detachable bike mount, the speaker connects to your bluetooth device to play music and make phone calls. On top of that, it is a flashlight and doubles as a powerbank charger for your phone. The Wireless Bluetooth Bike Speaker is number 1 on CrateSpot's Summer list for all these reasons. By the way, it has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, where it is more expensive!


That's it folks, thank you for reading CrateSpot's first blog post. We are a new digital retail store in the San Fransisco area and we are looking to mix up the online shopping field by sourcing multiple suppliers from around the globe to get the best deal possible for our customers.

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