Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount for Sports Camera
$24.99 USD
Prefect for hiking, biking, anything outdoors. Record your activiest and share with friends, and family. 360 degree rotation so you can capture all the things going around you! Durable, high quality designs means you take this through the toughest tarrains. Suitable for sports camersa, wide range of applications, strong compatibility. Non-slip texture design, can effectively prevent slipping when you need it. Description: Color: Black Material: POM/ PVC Plastic/Polyester cloth Direction: 360 Degrees Weight: 69.5g Compatible: Xiaomi Yi, Hero7/6/5/4,SJ4000, for Gopro camera,for SJCAM,for EKEN Secure Checkout via MasterCard - Visa & PayPal. FREE SHIPPING! Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
Clip-On Garbage Bag Holder
$9.95 USD
Chances are, you only have one garbage can in the kitchen. But what do you do if you have a bunch of scraps after washing and cutting fruits, vegetables, or meat? Wouldn’t it be much easier to throw it out if the trash was right beside you? Instead of walking back and forth the garbage can? Of course it would! But getting a separate trash can would take up too much room (and money). That’s why you might want to get this… This garbage bag holder easily clips onto one of your kitchen drawers. And, holds the bag wide open at all times.    Imagine how much easier cleaning your kitchen with this Garbage Bag Holder Now, you can safely and quickly hang a garbage bag right next where your working. Never again do you have to carry waste all they way across the kitchen. Just slide it off the counter...