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Improved Ice Scraper/Funnel
$9.95 USD
  A Quick & Easy Solution to Get Rid of the Stubborn Snow From Windshield Regular ice scrapers and snow removers just don’t remove enough snow. You have to either push or pull in order to remove the debris from your car. It’s really a work of hassle. What if one tool can make this tedious work a breeze? Scrape off a huge chunk of snow in seconds with our Ice Scraper Tool.Features: JUST WIPE OFF EVEN THE TOUGHEST ICE ON GLASS: The circular scraping-a-round ice scraper is said to clear ice and snow from your car windows twice as fast as traditional scrapes with large 18-inch scraping surface. Simply move it in any direction or in circles to remove more snow from your car. The end of it has mini spikes which you can use to tap on the ice to easily break it away. OPTIMUM SCRAPING EFFICIENCY: Ingeniously designed ice...

Rechargeable Pen Light
$19.95 USD
The power’s out! There’s a big storm outside. And the flashlight you find doesn't work, and you can't find any extra batteries! Luckily, with this pen-shaped electric torch, you won’t have to worry… No need to constantly buy new batteries, this flashlight has a built-in one that’s rechargeable, with its included USB cable. Making this extremely reliable during power outages, camping, stranded on the side of the road since you can turn it on by plugging it into your laptop, power bank, or car. Powerful LED bulb, this will last you for many years to come. And you’ll never have to buy batteries again!     Features:  Rechargeable flashlight with included USB charging cable LED bulbs shine a bright   Waterproof & Made of a durable aluminum alloy Designed with stainless steel pen clip for keeping on your shirt, belt, or pocket Perfect for home, office, car, backpack   Secure Checkout...
Flexible Flashlight
$14.95 USD
It’s a regular flashlight, with two bonus features that make it perfect for doing repairs around the home, work, car, school. Here’s what they are: a magnet, and an extendable flexible neck.  Think about it. How many times have you used a flashlight but could never shine it on a specific spot because other things were in the way? And how many times have you dropped a screw, bolt, or coin in hard-to-reach areas that you simply couldn’t retrieve?  Well with this flashlight, you don’t have to worry anymore. Built-in 3 powerful LED lights, and magnet! With the extendable 22 inch neck, you can twist it, bend it, curve it, into the exact position needed to illuminate what you’re trying to look at. Features:  Powerful 3 LED bulbs Durable and strong construction 22in extendable, flexible neck for better visibility in tight and narrow spaces  Built-in magnetic ring for picking up...
Motion Activated Toilet Night Light
$19.95 USD
Have you ever used the bathroom in the middle of the night? But when you returned to bed, you found it hard to go back to sleep? That’s because you turned on a bright light, tricking your body into thinking it’s daytime. The solution? A night-light. But not just any ordinary night-light. No! Night-lights are limited to where they can be placed (outlets). And you can never place one where you need it most — your toilet! The one spot where you can easily leave a huge, wet mess. Luckily, this light, will, softly illuminates the inside of your toilet bowl whenever you go near it, no more turning on a bathroom lights to see! Features: Illuminates the inside of your toilet bowl to ensure 100% accuracy  8 different colors (fixed or changing)  Eco-friendly detects motion up to 6 Feet away so you don't have to turn on a light switch. ...