Improved Ice Scraper/Funnel
$9.95 USD
  A Quick & Easy Solution to Get Rid of the Stubborn Snow From Windshield Regular ice scrapers and snow removers just don’t remove enough snow. You have to either push or pull in order to remove the debris from your car. It’s really a work of hassle. What if one tool can make this tedious work a breeze? Scrape off a huge chunk of snow in seconds with our Ice Scraper Tool.Features: JUST WIPE OFF EVEN THE TOUGHEST ICE ON GLASS: The circular scraping-a-round ice scraper is said to clear ice and snow from your car windows twice as fast as traditional scrapes with large 18-inch scraping surface. Simply move it in any direction or in circles to remove more snow from your car. The end of it has mini spikes which you can use to tap on the ice to easily break it away. OPTIMUM SCRAPING EFFICIENCY: Ingeniously designed ice...

Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount for Sports Camera
$14.95 USD
Prefect for hiking, biking, anything outdoors. Record your activiest and share with friends, and family. 360 degree rotation so you can capture all the things going around you! Durable, high quality designs means you take this through the toughest tarrains. Suitable for sports camersa, wide range of applications, strong compatibility. Non-slip texture design, can effectively prevent slipping when you need it. Description: Color: Black Material: POM/ PVC Plastic/Polyester cloth Direction: 360 Degrees Weight: 69.5g Compatible: Xiaomi Yi, Hero7/6/5/4,SJ4000, for Gopro camera,for SJCAM,for EKEN Secure Checkout via MasterCard - Visa & PayPal. FREE SHIPPING! Note: due to very high demand, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
Rechargeable Pen Light
$19.95 USD
The power’s out! There’s a big storm outside. And the flashlight you find doesn't work, and you can't find any extra batteries! Luckily, with this pen-shaped electric torch, you won’t have to worry… No need to constantly buy new batteries, this flashlight has a built-in one that’s rechargeable, with its included USB cable. Making this extremely reliable during power outages, camping, stranded on the side of the road since you can turn it on by plugging it into your laptop, power bank, or car. Powerful LED bulb, this will last you for many years to come. And you’ll never have to buy batteries again!     Features:  Rechargeable flashlight with included USB charging cable LED bulbs shine a bright   Waterproof & Made of a durable aluminum alloy Designed with stainless steel pen clip for keeping on your shirt, belt, or pocket Perfect for home, office, car, backpack   Secure Checkout...
Flexible Tripod for Smartphone/Cameras/Mobile devices
$19.95 USD
Most tripods only have one position— hold your camera or phone up off the ground, or in your hand.  Imagine what a tripod could do if it had flexible legs instead?  And what if it could hold different mounts?  Well, that’s exactly what you can expect from this one here… With 3 flexible yet stable legs, you could bend, mold, and shape it to give you the best possible angle, and most stable position. Whether it's holding it in your hand, placing it on top of something, or even hanging it to a tree branch, this wonderful Tripod can do it all! The compact, durable, Non-slip design, you can fasten your phone or camera mount to the center of the tripod. Giving you unlimited ways to ensure your device is always capturing, and displaying the best picture. Great for trips, vacations, outdoor events, hiking, and much more! Features:   Compatible with smartphones, Go...

Portable Mobile Phone Telescope
$25.95 USD
Wan to step up the quality of your photos? Or maybe you're an outdoor photography enthusiast? Well, with this Telescopic mobile camera lens, taking pictures with your phone has never been so exiting!  Features: 18x zoom  Capable with most mobile devices, Apple, Android Perfect for watching a game, concerts, touristic activities, observe animals, and any long-distance shooting Made of high quality material, durable and sturdy Easy to assemble and use Compact design makes for easy carry Put some edge into your photos, it can also be a great gift for all photography lovers out there! Secure Checkout via MasterCard - Visa & PayPal. FREE SHIPPING! Note: Due to very high demand, please allow  3-4 weeks for delivery.
Rechargeable LED Lantern
$19.95 USD
Rechargeable, and Magnetic! Makes camping easier when you don't have to worry about light.   Built in 1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery, for longer life. Magnetic back allows for versatile applications. Equipped with a flexible handle, easy to hang or carry around. Lightweight, compact, and durable. Perfect for Camping, Fishing, Hiking, in your Car, Home, or Office.                             Recharge on the go!  Specs: Material: ABS Plastic Size: Length 50mm x 69mm diameter Bezel color: Gold Light color: warm white Color temp: 4500K Lumens: 300LM LED Power: 3W Illumination: 6 hours Capacity: 1800mAh Input: DC 5V - 1A Max Output: DC 5V - 1A Max Battery: 1800mAh lithium battery (built -in) Switch mode: High /Low /Strobe Charging mode: USB Charging Package Includes:  1x Rechargeable LED Camping 1x USB Cable   Secure Checkout via MasterCard - Visa & PayPal. FREE SHIPPING! Note: due to very high...