Mystery Box - Wholesale Mysteries Liquidations Lot - No Junk - MSRP $1,500+


$524.99 USD
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Mystery Crate lot includes MSRP ~$1,500+ of liquidation items from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom, etc.
  • Items are a mix of returns and new items. Returns are untested and may be used or damaged.
  • Shipments average ~50 items in 2-4 heavy boxes.
The box(s) to arrive will be quite large and it will be left at the address provided, so just be sure to keep that in mind if you live in a shared community or have restrictions regarding receiving packages. 
As such, all sales are final and no returns are accepted. Happy bidding!
Once your package has been processed and shipped, we will have an available ledger/manifest documenting the contents. This is available to you upon request, some customers opt not to spoil the mystery box fun. 
All images are examples, and do not represent the contents of this listing.

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